Jurassic Pat Turns 9!

Enter the world of Jurassic Pat! Here are all the pics from his special day! I wanted to transform my backyard into Jurassic Park  and with the help of Day Dream Jovi I was able to! We set up the wall behind my pergola with the iconic Jurassic Park sign. We created a tropical theme with the help of balloons.

As guests entered, they were given a pass to enter the “park” 🙂 Patrick wore his Patricksaurus shirt but  guests were encouraged to dress in their tropical attire. The cake was made by Edda’s and had the best details, including the sides with claw marks! The cake also had edible dinosaur eggs on top. It was a pool party and I found these great dino pool floats on Amazon! The dessert table had everything from mini “volcano” cakes to edible dinosaur eggs in edible dirt. We also had an ice-cream bar from the best in the business, Sweet Melody artisan, small batch ice-cream. 

Let me know if you are Jurassic fans and what you think of the party pics!



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