Siesta Key 2020

Hi! I received an overwhelming amount of messages about my recent trip to Siesta Key. I’ve put together this post on all things SK to address the most popular questions. If there is something you wanted to know and I didn’t include on here, let me know! Enjoy 🙂

Explain Siesta Key? Repeatedly named the best beach in the country, it is baffling how undiscovered Siesta Key beach still is. The white sand against the crystal clear turquoise waters of the Gulf of Mexico is jaw-dropping enough, but add in the stunning sunsets, chill beach town, and it’s easy to get to and you have a combo that is worth traveling for. A small barrier island off the coast of Florida’s West coast, Siesta Key has been a summer favorite of ours for the last 10 years. What makes Siesta Key Beach unique is that its sand is made mostly of quartz, as opposed to coral.The quartz gives the sand a fine, white, sugar-like consistency that stays cool throughout the day, allowing you to walk barefoot comfortably even during the hottest portion of the afternoon. Siesta Key has an energetic vibe. With families posting up for the day with coolers, music playing, umbrellas and full carts every day of the week. You’ll want to prepare accordingly with your own provisions.

Where did you stay? We stay at Midnight Cove and have been for the last 10 years. Midnight Cove offers Premium, Family-Friendly (OneWeek Minimum Stay) Condominium and Townhouse Accommodations in the heart of Beautiful Siesta Key on Crescent Beach. They offer two and three bedroom condominium and townhouse vacation rentals which are individually owned, tastefully decorated, and furnished with all the conveniences of home to make your stay in paradise completely stress-free.  (They also have a 4BR townhome that sleeps 8) They are located steps from the crystal white sands of Crescent & Siesta Beach. Midnight Cove sits on 11 acres of lush, tropical and floral greenery that spans from the waters of the Gulf of Mexico on the west coast of Siesta Key to the waters of Sarasota Bay/Intercoastal Waterway on the east side of the island. Stay Gulfside for spectacular beachfront views & amazing Siesta Key sunsets.

Were you able to go out to restaurants? We didn’t. We only went to one the day we left Siesta Key. We purchased our food for the whole vacation with one trip to Publix and Costco while wearing masks. We cooked everything at the condos and had fun doing it. We planned and came up with a schedule of who would cook what on assigned days and between all of us we had a great time cooking meals, fun brunches and lovely dinners.

Where did you get ice-cream? The Orange Octopus! Their ice-cream is handmade and slow-churned on-site with real ingredients, made without any additives. If it’s not ice-cream you’re looking for, they offer milkshakes, coffee and even sorbet for those looking for a gluten free option. I like the salted caramel and the Kentucky Honey Bourbon!

How do you know your condo was clean? Because my sister and I cleaned it ourselves! YES WE DID. Even though it had been cleaned before we arrived.  If you need some cleaning tips, I’ve linked an article here.

The day you went out on the boat looked like fun! Was that your own boat? It was such a fun day! That was a rental from CB’s outfitters. They were great! Please don’t rent a boat unless you know what you’re doing out there 🙂

Where did you go fishing? We fished off the beach and the day we took the boat out.

How long did you stay? One week 🙂 We book a year in advance.

How did your get there? We drove there.

Do you know photographers there? I don’t. We took all our pictures with our phones.

How was the weather? PERFECT! Cloudy sunsets this year and choppy ocean but otherwise beautiful.

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